some thoughts, hints, suggestions, and instructions on setting up a sump system


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These thoughts here are my thoughts and suggestions on setting up a sump system. Please add your thoughts and even discuss possible corrections or upgrades. LOL

A sump system has the lowest container as the sump and a higher container(s). The water drains from the highest
container through any intermediate containerd to the sump and is returned throughout a pump to the highest container. Usually the display tank is the highest container with a sump in the cabinet below. But that is not necessarily true. It is possible to have the highest container above the display. In that case the display is actually the sump.

Setting up a sump:

1) Insure and test that no floods occur with power outage. Upper container should stop draining before sump floods.

2) Insure and test that no floods occur and normal operation returns when the power returns.

3) And the one I forgot in my first setup LOL. Insure and test that no floods occur for drain/overflow failure (blockage, siphon break etc). The sump should run dry before the upper container(s) floods.

And keep in mind (if you add) an automatic top off (ATO) will pump in water during a drain failure. So this is like 3 above. A drain failure, upper container level rises, sump lowers, ATO kicks in and so on. Have some kind of sensor that turns off the auto top off before the upper container floods.

So what are your thoughts?

mine are worth perhaps .02
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