What are some pros/cons to adding sponges to my aquarium? Are there particular creatures that will eat them? I'd like to add a little bit of color with something hardy that doesn't require a lot of attention and from this site's description, sponges seem to be a good choice. I like the red ball sponge & the orange tree sponge from here. Any suggestions/experience?


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Sponges are filter feeders, they will do well in a reef tank dosed with phytoplankton but they should be kept out of bright lighting as algea growth on them will kill. Angelfish, triggers, non reef safe wrasses may eat them. They do need a lot of food in the water to stay alive and healthy.


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Most reef tanks are nutrient starved like most of the reefs that carry corals. Sponges generally dont do well in nutrient starved tanks. Thats why you have to continue to feed them phyto. The down side is that it causes issues in a tank that needs to be nutrient starved in order for certain species such as SPS to do well.