still selling everything


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i am selling everything!!! a 55 gal oak tank six months old ($100), the stand ($50), the hood with 2*96 watt pc lighting and fans ($400), a turbo floter skimmer worked on a 210 gal just fine ($200), a fluval 304 canister filter ($100), my rock one live and about 9 in process of growing ($150), 2 powerheads 404 ($40), iso tank 10 gal with filter air pump heater and meds ($70), and all my chemicals ($30) then i have two perks ($30) and a yellow tang ($20) two camel shrimp ($10) a coral banded gold ($10) a emerald crab green ($10) and snails and crabs ($10) i am not shiping any thing live so local only. cleveland area. the buyer pays shipping and as a package for $900. send an email to me at for pics. and if you post leave your email for easier communication. thanks


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i can go no lower than $750 for what you want and that is still a great deal, you know. let me know!! but for that price it is a deal!!!!! can i get an email??


I might be interested in the complete package. I live in Lorain, but have some questions first: :notsure:
The tank: Reef ready or not?
The stand: Wood or metal?
The skimmer: The Turboflotor 1000, or the Turboflotor 1000 Multi?
The lighting: What brand?
The live rock: How many pounds? What kind?
Pics of the setup would help a lot. I'm leaving for work, and won't be home again until this evening. My email is jbgula "at"