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I just took in my brothers yellow tang that he has had for about one week. It wasnt doing well in his tank because his other fish are aggressive. This was causing him alot of stress and now his left eye is cloudy and his dorsal fin is turning like a reddish brown in a spot. What is this and is there anything that I can do to treat it.
Both me and my brothers tank readings are good. Also I have two clown fish is it possible for them to get whatever the tang has?
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Originally posted by Andrew78
Also I have two clown fish is it possible for them to get whatever the tang has?

Most cloudy eyes and red spots on yellow tangs are caused by trauma or poor water quality. (What does "readings are good" mean? Please post actual numbers.) Try doing a large water change and watch the fish. If you have access to a QT, the next step would be to use antibiotics (such as Maracyn 2 for saltwater) in a separate tank from your display if your fish are not improving.
Also, try to take a closer look at the yellow tang, perhaps with a magnifying glass . It is very hard to see ich on these fish because of their light coloration.
If neither you nor your brother quarantined the fish for three weeks both of your tanks may be in jeopardy.
Any chance of getting a picture?
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Well its been two days since I have had him in my tank and now his eye is all cleared up. The closer I looked at him it looks like the "spots" on his fin is from him trying to hide underneath live rock.
For those of you out there with yellow tangs are yours really shy and timid? I hardly ever see mine swimming around the tank, he just hides behind some of the rocks where you cant see him.


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Skiddish is the word for yellow tangs. They spook easily and stress often causes physical problems.
elfdoc, good info to Andrew. :D