Stupid Shrimp!!!

nano reefer

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oh my god! all i try to do is feed my acans a little mysis shrimp a few times a week before lights out. I fight off my peppermint and skunk shrimp for 10 mins waiting for my acans to swallow food. I sit down, and they pounce and pull the food out that it already swallowed
!!! i deturred them with mysis and pellet at the top of the tank but they arent interested, and go for what my acans have
!!!! any solution?!?!?! i am starting to hate them.


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Feed the shrimp first.
I set up a kind of 'feeding station' for my shrimp before I go elsewhere in the tank to feed corals. While the shrimp are busy working the pile over, the corals are left to ingest in peace.

nano reefer

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i did that, they forget about their own food, steal from the corals, then go back and get the food i left them.

jigga w00t

i've had a similar problem when trying to spot feed, and i've got a skunk shrimp and peppermint shrimp.
solution - buy some 'sinking shrimp pellets', like the kind you would get for bottom feeders. i don't even give my 2 shrimp a whole pellet, just kinda break one in half. drop them in there, (or even spot feed your shrimp lol) and it takes them a minute or less (in my 24g nano) to find their pellets and they go to town on those things! they go crazy even when they smell them. it even takes a few minutes for the pellets to soften up where they can pull them apart, but mine are distracted for a good 5 mins. sometimes they even go hide when they've got a pellet. i paid around $4 for the pellets and got a lot, breaking them in half will definitely make them last...