sudden death banded shrimp


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Hello, last night all of a sudden my banded shrimp started swimming top to bottom of my tank then he stopped I thought that was strange , I went to bed up this morning to find the shrimp dead my water is perfect I had him for a month and was fine picking off the rock and hiding normal , and then this ? just wondering why? did he starve? sick? no signs only last night, I only have 3 chromas , and 1 blenny in the tank , does anybody have a clue,


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It would be difficult to determine exactly what happened. The best thing you can do is make sure your water chemistry is stable, Feed a healthy diet, and perform regular maintenance and system checks.


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Are you certain it's a dead shrimp? If it's a white hollow body... it's just the skin that they leave behind when they molt. When a shrimp sheds it's skin it goes into hiding, waiting for its new skin to harden.