Sugar cookie water


OK, I didn't see a forum specifically about water, but since that's where the fish live I figured I would put it here. Soooo, hypothetically speaking mind you. What would be the ramifications of, say, a 4 year old boy eating a sugar cookie over the open tub of mixed salt water and getting several crumbs in said hypothetical water? Would those hypothetical sugar cookie crumbs cause big problems if they made it into the tank? And while we are on the topic, let's say these were frosted hypothetical sugar cookies but we would be unsure if any of the frosting also made it into the water. If you were in this hypothetical situation would you dump all of your pre-mixed R/O water or use it?


If it is less than 20G or hasn't been salted yet, I would probably dump it just to be safe. Honestly, unless 1/4 or more got in, it's probably fine, but why take the chance?


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It was a sprinkle that was on top of the cookie. It was shaped as a shamrock. I put the water into the QT as there is nothing in there as of now. So, if this effects anything, it will mean new water for the QT tank and that is it.