Well, My tough little blue damsel finally kicked the bucket... he cycled the tank survived many of the newbie mishaps (overfeeding amonia spikes etc....) So, now I have an opening in my tank... Here's where I need some opinions...
I currently have a 77g tank w/
1 gold stripe maroon clown
1 yellow tang
1 flame angel
1 blue banded watchmen goby
1 lawnmower blennie
1 royal gramma
clean up crew...
I'm debating putting in like 3-5 green chromis to add some movement to the tank, but i'm thinking it might be too much of a bio load.
I was thinking maybe a purple firefish instead of the chromis because it seems like a large addition of fish... what do you folks think?


you are maxed out already, just enjoy what you have. so chalk another one up for another newbie mistake. i have a 100 gallon with only 5 fish in it. a queen angel 2 various damsels that only get 3 inches, a dwarf lion and a maroon clown. i would not even think of putting anything else in.