SuperBac Cycling Product


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Superbac has a new product out (in the last year or so) which I believe is called "Real Nitrifying Bacteria". Wish they picked another name because I keep thinking it's a description.
So, I've used this product 3 times now and I think I like it. My boss had to set up a QT for garden eels and had 2 days. She threw in the eels with the Superbac and expected a little burp in parameters.... nothing.
So I tried..... had to set up a quick QT for a tank that was indeed burping after I lost a mantis. Not from the death itself, but from the disruption of the DSB and his tunnel. Up goes a spare 28 AIO, threw in some Superbac and followed it with a pricey Rhinopias. Nothing. The tank did not cycle at all.
2nd, was cycling a tank. Ammonia jumped to 3. Poured in some Superbac, by morning it was 0.25.
Recently set up a 25g angler tank. Used Superbac.... have not seen ammonia. I can put a whole silverside in there and nothing.
The next tank I'm going to try some "withs" and "withouts" to make it a little bit more "hobbyist controlled" and use pure ammonia for better measurements.
Anyone else want to try this product and share your experiences?


My mom is coming to visit today so I won't have much time too look, but if I can find it, I'll give it a try. My new tank has ammonia of 0.5 today


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If your store carries it, you'll find it easily.... just follow your nose.
It's a little pricey, and I haven't really heard enough about it.


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I used something similar from a different company that I have cycled both of my tank with. It's literally just a dose of nitrates to eat up your ammonia and get the tank established. Never heard of the product you're talking about.