survivor Cook Island


Anyone watch this tonight, or have watched the entirity of this show? what is your opinions? good/bad.
I have been watching this show and i enjoy it.


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i thought a lot more people would be outraged by the racial splitting at the beginning, but have enjoyed the show for the most part.


i am in no way pregidous but it was funny that in the beginning the africans couldn't stop talking about how they coud do anything in the water (boat-swim) that the other ethnic teams could do. Then the first challenge was build boat and circle a bouey in it... anyways, by the time their boat was built the other teams where done. It was sinking the whole time ad it was hilarious.
That chick eating the sea cucumber that was sliming into her mouth was pretty nasty last night.
The tribe with ozzy,yule,bekcy...and that other chick PWNS i hope they dont merge for a while