So I wake up this morning and my mag 24 is shooting air bubbles into my tank like crazy. I stay calm but inside my head I'm screaming. Half of my brain is complaining that I'll probably have to buy a new pump and the other half is frantically urging my body to check for leaks.
I open the doors to my sump and nearly have a heart attack. Everything is coated in water and the sump is almost empty. I shut off my mag 7 chiller pump to reduce the water flow. Nothing happens. I shut of my mag 24 and check for leaks. I don't find any.
I start getting some towels to mop up the 10-15 gallons of water that overflowed out of my sump. Not too bad, I'm thinking. I can deal with this. It could be worse. But I'm already running late for work as it is, so I just have to leave things as they are and go. Luckily my boss is a pretty cool guy who has a few tanks himself, and he understood.
When I got home from work I plugged everything back in and the water level went up... up... up... still going up... ummm... better turn a pump off... ummm... better turn everything off... LOL! So I move my canopy to check the overflow and I find the problem.
Being the dummy that I sometimes am, I had placed a "temporary" piece of tin foil over one of my overflows to prevent water from splashing onto my metal halide bulbs. The tin foil was in the bottom of my overflow clogging a drain hole. Nice! So problem solved. Disaster averted. Life as usual resumes.
...wait! Why is the water still cloudy? Huh? It looks like it's coming from my male black and white clownfish. OMG! Are those eggs he's fertilizing??? THEY ARE! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! What a joy! I finally get to try my hand at breeding baby black and whites! I'm not going to attempt this one, but next batch I will. If all goes well every reefer in Shreveport, LA will soon have baby black and whites. LOL! What a wonderful day! I just had to share. Thanks for reading!


Lol... too funny. I had some issues with my sump this week as well. It just acts weird all of the sudden. I am going out of town this weekend. I will be shutting it down and just using my hang on power filter till I get back.
Good luck with the clowns.