Switching stands...NEED ADVICE!


Well, the canopy on my current stant is starting to show signs of black mold. I really don't like the stand anyway, so I was going to go buy a nice stand from the LFS. Now here is the hard part...
The obvious; turn off all the pumps and disconnect the plumbing to the wet dry. Here is my dilemma. Do I just but the new stand up to the old one and push the tank onto the new one? I'm really not sure the best way to go about doing this, and I do NOT want to break down the entire tank. I have had the tank for over a year. THe water is perfect (knock on wood), I have 80lbs of live sand, and over 100lbs of live rock. It is a 75 gallon. Any advice, suggestions?


do you have a small crane at your disposal?
I have a 75 gallon FW tank, and I have had to move it a few times; moving, carpet replacement, etc.
The best way I found is to drain a little more than half the water out, and at that point two strong guys can pick it up. If you like your setup where it is a third person may be able to move the stands while two people hold the tank. But if you just want to move it over, I think the slide may be a great way. It is always a nervewrecking experience, because I was always sure the tank was going to bust. Don't forget any unleveling while you are holding it will make one side exponentially heavier.
Another goo way is to build a wood crate around the tank by jacking it up on each end and sticking a lot of 2x4s under it. build a crate around the tank froom there and hoist it with an engine stand, for a car when you replace an engine. Then work backwards once it is on the new stand.
I prefer the first method though due to ease of screwing up the second so easily.
Hope it helps, good luck, and something goes wrong, it is not my fault, no offense.


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Moving a large tank that still contains very much water, (not even counting the weight of substrate) is asking for a cracked or leaky tank... They just can not take the additional stress on the seams from any flexing during the move. Be very careful not to "Flex" the tank during the move . Good Luck.


Sorry to say but I would break it down. I would dump almost all the water in buckets and place the rocks in there. Even picking up the tank and moving it with the sand in it can cause stress on the seams. It would be best for the fish to be scooped out and place in 5 gallon buckets with a lid. Put a couple of pieces of smaller rocks in the buckets for them. Depending on how many you have and if they do or do not get along depends on how many separate buckets. If you can slide the tank a 1/4 on the current stand when most of the water is out and you still have the sand in there then you are lucky. Mine always stuck to the stand. Then you can slide the tank and stand to where it needs to be and fill with most of the water and some new water.
But, why do you have mold on the stand is the important question? I had a wooden stand that was never painted or stained and had it for 18 years. The only reason why I got rid of it was because I had a termite swarm in the house and seen them fly to the tank (they like the light) and crawl all over the stand and inside the little cracks at the seams. The tank was stuck and I had to squirt warm water all along the edges to loosen it. I did empty it completely.


Mixtimp.. I would just remove everything and start over. Its really not that bad if you have the right equipment. Just plan the move out in your head. Write down what you don't have and go get it and do it the right way. Think how much worse off you are if worst case happens, you kick yourself, might get hurt and not to mention the money that could be lost.
Because of stupidity I have moved couple tanks more than once now. I can now move my entire 30gal setup to any room in the house in less than an hour!!!
I went to Lowe's and bought two big trash cans. I put half water and LR in one and remaingn water and fish in the other. You can leave the sand with a little water in the tank... made me feel like I was keeping the little critters in the sand alive.
You never know you might like tank after the redecorating..