Tang compatibility? recommendations?


What other tangs will co-exist with my yellow tang. I would really like to get either a Blue Hippo ro Naso tang. Will they get along?
Also, I saw on a chart that a bicolor pseudochromis will not get along w/basslets. Anyone had luck with a pseudochromis and chalk bass?
Have a 75gal
70lbs of liverock
220 watts pc lighting (1/2actinic 1/2full spectrum)
1 yellow tang
1 6 line wrasse
1 chalk bass
1 Valencia Diamond Goby
1 Blue/Green Chromis
1 Skunk cleaner shrimp
2 brittle stars
some hermit crabs, emerald crab and lots of nessarious snails (75).
Everything has been doing great....tank about 1 yr old.
I am looking to add 2 clowns (oscellaris) and 1 more tang (Blue Hippo preferred). Any other suggestions? Also, am I pushing it to try a bubble tip for the clowns if I place him on the tallest rock about 6-8inches from the surface? I have heard that watts/gal is not the most accurate measure (I would have 3 watts/gal) I really don't want to spend the $$ on MH lighting.
Thanks in advance for the feedback!


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if you get a small hippo tang it wont be too bad for a while but you will have to upgrade as he gets larger they do need alot of swimming space(any tang you add must be of a different shape they dont do well with like species) .as far as the anenome goes they wont survive under those lighting conditions.I had a hard time keeping a BTA in a 55 gal with vho's.when it comes to anenomes they put themselves where they want to be.just remember the more fish you add the more biolaod in your tank.