tangs, angels and nitrates


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How sensitive are tangs (specifically yellow and purple) and angles (french) to nitrates? I'd like to add one of the above to one of my tanks, but the nitrates are steadily in the 5-10ppm range. Ammonia and trites are steady at zero.
I've got a terrible algae problem in my tank (aggressive tank with no clean-up crew) and I'd like the tang/angel to help with it. My DSB seems to be doing well, but I need to boost the biolgical filtration with some more LR. I'll be adding the LR soon.


I would say that your water is fine for the tangs/angels. How long has your tank been setup? It would be to the best of your advantage to have your tank up and running for at least 6 months before you decide to purchase those fish. :D


i have purple tang and a queen angel in a 180gal and my trates from the color chart have never gone up to 10 and they are doing great. eat like crazy and have really good color, i dont think you would have a problem.


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My tank has been up for over a year and runs in the 10-20ppm on nitrates as I have a large population of fish. My yellow tang thrives in this enviornment. You do need to get that clean up crew. You will be amazed if you add your snails and hermits how clean your tank will become. You will have to ADD algae to your take to feed your tangs. As for the french angel I can't tell you, but I have a Koran that is doing fine in the tank. Since my tank is heavily populated I do have a refuge tank, which I also recommend.
bytedr :)