Tank cycling



I was told by my local pet store owner that 20lbs of live rock will cycle my 55gal tank. Is this true? He said after 3 weeks I could bring in some water for testing and then add fish. I wasted $ on damsels, but will a lionfish about 3inches long eat them. I wouldn't mind since they teamed up two against three and killed the pack of three. Also, would a puffer be a mistake with damsels if the lionfish doesn't eat the damsels? Thanks in advance for all the great help.


Depending on what kind of puffer and how big it is. Usally puffers will eat any fish that will fit in his mouth. Same with the lionfish


I agree with reef and jess just cycle the tank first and then go back where you bought the damsels and see if they will take them back and give you credit for them ( that is what I did )

the rock

the rock says...
live rock will help to cycle your tank, hey Ranger don't you think a 6" lion is a little large for a 55?