tank fluctuations


so i set up my tank about a week ago, all levels were good, temp was good, salt was good...
finally put some LR in 2 nights ago. i come home today, my water temp was almost 88 and my salt levels were all over the place depending on where i took the sample from!!!
im monitoring the water temp, its down to about 82 now, but the salt fluctuates depending on where i take the sample from.
what gives? how do u think my LR and cycleing will be effected by these changes?
since the intro of my LR my levels barely changed.
how long does it take to spike levels?
.25 on the ammonia , 0 on hte nitrite


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1. Are you using a swing arm hydrometer? I will assume so, the reason you are getting fluctating levels is because of the swing arm, they get bubbles on them, you have to knock them loose and take the reading. Better yet get a refractometer, they are so much better than a hydrometer.
2. LR should really not have any effect on the temp of your tank, fans blowing between the top of the water and the lights are the best way to reduce temps, and take any glass tops off of your tank.
3. Depending on the quality of your LR it may not spike the levels at all, if you bought it cured from a LFS it most likely won't, you need to feed your tank as if you had a few fish in it an monitor your levels that way (a pinch of food every day is fine).


im using one of those specific gravity type things, that u fill with water. how much are the ones you speak of? and where is the proper depth to take a reading from??
im sucking out about 6 inches below the surface.
yes i purchased the LC cured. so throw in a pinch of fish food everyday??
thanks for the help!!


The refractometer from this site is very nice and easy to use. 49 dollars. I found out my hydrometer (the one you have was way off)


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man, this "free" tank is gonna end up costing me ALOT of money, lol
You have NO idea...

Its fun though, trust me.