Thanks Hurricane

Just got my power back.I don't even know what to say.I think I may be finished.110 gal reef gone for the most part.I just don't know what to say.


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I live in fear of this every single yr as we are right on hurricane far I have lucked out.
There are so many discussion here about backup for power outages. Please take a look at them. You can actually get small generators for under $200. at Home Depot.
During Georges, which hit us dead on, we had the power out for a wk. At that time, I had FO. I managed to keep the tank going with just several battery airstone pumps.
Thanks Beth,
I tried for several days before she hit to get some battery operated air luck.I even came back to my house during the worst part of the storm to check on my tank(I live in a mobile home) But during the storm my Mom needed some ice...........awwwwwwwwww long story,I tried trust me I tried.But I got my mom some ice:)
oh yea....................sorry to start a new thread about this I am sure it has been beat to death.You can delete it if you wish I am done with the whole thing.But I just got my power back and did'nt know what to say I guess.

the claw

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Sometimes you just need to vent to those that can sympathize. Sorry for the loss! As soon as life resumes, I hope you get back into the hobby.


Aw.....I am so sorry.......but maybe if you just get away from it for a bit (say a week or two) maybe you will get new hope back.......and start again......ANyway, I hope so!
Thanks Claw,
I could have typed a 4 page thread about this whole thing.I figured I was late.But all my family made it,and I am still delivering ice to the elderly on my own time,and I work for the city! I see people everday thatbeg me for help,so when I get off work I go get ice and whatever else I can get and take to them.I have over 80 hours of overtime coming to me but I still do the other things on my own time.


that sucks... i am really sorry that happened to you. like said i hope that after things settle down you are able sort things out and possibly start over.. by the way it is really nice of you to help people out...


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Originally posted by saltwaterdave
Please feel free to delete this as I am sure it has been beat to death.

I see no reason to delete it, but you can yourself I believe....if not, do you want it deleted? Power outages are a concern of all hobbiests really.


Listen sorry about what happened to your tank. Vent all you want you deserve it. You guys got hit hard down there. Please look at the big picture you and your family are safe. Thats more important then anything else in this world. I also commend you for helping out the elderly who can't fend for themselves during the storms aftermath. Might take some time but all will work out. Good luck.


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Originally posted by timsedwards
dont you have insurance?? :confused:

You can't insure the livestock of your tank unless they are sopmething that produces income ... then it is usually more trouble than it is worth ....


i feel your pain.i am on the outer banks nc we got hit hard too.luckily i had a generator,so my tank made it through ok.i lost eveything in my tank a few years ago during a bad storm.that when i decided to get a generator.if you look around you can find them used for way less than new.i have allready seen ads down here for ones the where $600 new only used for 20-25 hours for $400.if you can pick one cost me more in livestock than the generator cost


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sorry to hear about your loss dave hopefully in time your curiosity will be sparked again!
good luck
Thanks guys,
Things are looking a little better ever so slightly.I have a couple of mushrooms that came back around and one trumpet that looks like it might make it.My six-line came out and I thought he was the first to bite the dust and even my peppermint shrimp came back out,that was shocking to me. I had to clean out quite a few snails and lots of bristle worms came out of the sand,they did'nt even look like worms hard to describe.
Insurance will cover my shed and the contents that got destroyed but not the tank,and I am not really worried about the shed...............Hell I am a lucky one I still have a HOME!
WOW...........I did'nt know that.I have taken the cutters to quite a few fiber optic cables,they would'nt come out and fix it and we had to make room for emergency vehicles.Ofcourse most of the cables that I cut did'nt have a pole there to put them back up.