The Bro's first Saltwater Aquarium 29g BioCube


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Yup its an aptaisa its been on that rock since I bought my LR. Its kinda cool looking so i been just watching it grow, making sure it stays put and does not spread.
sorta like playing with long as it doesn't reach the puddle of gasoline it's good right? heh

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I just got my new toy in the mail and was taking pics of it and just wanted to drop and add some updates pic to my thread of my my tank is looking like these days. Im planning on getting my first SPS this Friday gonna with wit a Birds Nest or a Plate to start off. I also tried my best to move all my softies to the bottom, without messing up he look of my tank, to make some nice spots some some Sps
So here ya go Hope you enjoy
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My new piece of LR i picked up with 4 Rics on it

Full tank shot my Frog Spawn is still a little PO'ed from being relocated and dosent want to fully open for the pic

the bro

MY ACRO after 3 weeks, doing great!!
Also got me another nice piece of lr that looks like a cave in itself, it was in a shipment that jus came in so im gonna cycle it in another tank for a few weeks before i add it to the tank.

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acros looking a bit brown
Yea and it still looking on the brown side after over a month. The brown is a more "healtly" looking borwn and around the base is getting some neon green pigments. How fast does this stuff color/grow normally?
Off the subject. ..something really cool i found out by accident with a flash light of mine. it has some blue leds that causes my color to glow at night when i shine it. The healthy part of the coral pretty much glows in the dark a bright green color. While the dead tissue doesnt glow at all. Everyhting topside of the coral its looking nice in this light. But what dosent glow is the bottoms of the branches. Hope the little fellow lives!


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Hey there, nice looking tank! I'm very new to this and have been following your thread a bit. I'm starting a Biocube 29g myself this week as my first SW tank and i'm wondering if i could skate by with all the stock components for a tank setup similar to yours? OR if the parts you installed are absolutely necessary to get the best results. I'd really like to get parts that are recommended/ideal for this tank and am seeking advice as to what to get, skimmer, circulation, heater etc.. Again, i'm very new to this and will be starting a thread shortly (for some reason the site isn't allowing me to start a new one atm : / ) that i'll include pics in! but in the meantime I figured I get some feedback from someone who just set theirs up and anyone else following this thread :) I got my tank from a local shop nearby who has been very helpful so far (they're preparing water for me that should be ready mid-week), but I'd like to get some additional feedback from this forum which appears to be knowledgeable and trustworthy!