The Free Coralife T-shirt


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I just opened my bucket of Coralife and got my free t-shirt with clownfish on the back. Anybody have one with something else on the back? I may have to buy another bucket to get another shirt :D (I have a t-shirt addiction).


(I have a t-shirt addiction). [/B]

So do I - something else I spend too much on :D I love the ones I get from my favorite bars!


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my husband has the biggest t-shirt addiction i have ever seen in my life! he has hundreds, i swear, from every concert, bar, vacations, bike week, nascar, baseball, football. i could go on and on.... at least he wears them!
guess i just had to vent that:D
I got a shirt in my instant ocean salt. It has a clown fish on the back and in quotes it says "were swimming in it." of course as soon as I picked it up I washed it and wore it to school the next day:D

mr . salty

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They have to do something to get people to buy that stuff.
Personally my money goes for REEF CRYSTALS.No tee shirt,,,but better salt!!!


I feel the same way MR. Salty. Don't care about the T shirt, I have free pumps that I almost never use. Who cares. Just buy a good salt that you can trust and get good results from.
Keep it up MR.Salty next thing you know you'll be posting more often. Good to see you out here again.