The leathal spots.

I a Klarki Clown who looks like he is on his way out. He is in a
20 gal reef. My Jawfish disappeared about a month ago. The
Klarki(Bert) is breathing rapidly, his fins look faded. Tiny white dot
seem to have formed around his head, and eyes look clouded. Since it is a reef
I have just been soaking food in Garlic and changing 10% of the
water every other day. He is not getting any better or worse. I tried one dose of
Rid-ich several days ago but stopped because others looked pissed.
So, I do't have a QT set up. Any other thoughts on what I could do.
My assumption is that it is velvet, and I am in serious trouple. Could I do a dip
in meds? Tanks for any suggestions.


Staff member
No, it is not velvet, so you can breath easy on that. You really can't do any viable treatment in a reef tank, so don't add anything else in there. Sometimes this happens to fish, and nothing you do anyway helps. Death for fish in that circumstance can be a very long time in coming.


Buy a big plastic container from any super store (your new qt)
put the fish in it
for 4 days lower the salinity (it takes four days because you dont want the fish to get stressed).
on the fouth day bring the salinity to 1.009
leave him in for 3 weaks.
if hes ok put him back in the main tank.
Beth, do you say it is not velvet because the fish is surviving? If not is it similar, Ich? The only change I see tonight is an increase in the # of tiny spots. I forgot to mention I have also increased temp to 80. Should I continue water changes?