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Best Metal Platform Queen Review

A bed is one of the most furniture in a home. Remember, this is a place you spend close to eight hours every day. For a start, you need a spacious bed, strong enough to support your weight and one that does not produce strange noises at night, especially for a couple.

Here, we are looking at why a metal platform queen bed is the right choice for your bedroom. Later in the article, we also provide several outstanding metal platform queen beds in the market.

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Things to consider when purchasing a metal platform queen bed;

Size of Bedroom

Before anything else, measure the size of your room to ensure you are left with enough space to move around. Remember, the standard size of a queen platform bed is 60 by 80 inches. If the room's space is anything close to that measurement, you have no option but to consider a different bed type.

Slating Spacing

Slats spacing is what will determine the lifespan of your mattress. Too much space in the slats will make your mattress sag hence tearing over time. Go for a queen bed platform with slats closely arranged for maximum support and prolonged mattress life.


If you have a problem with storage, a platform queen bed with storage is a good option for you. Alternatively, go for a platform bed with underframe space. Some manufacturers have gone a step forward to produce beds with adjustable heights. For me, a bed with adjustable height is the best option.

Noise-Free Feature

Queen size beds are often suitable for a couple of two sleepers. Thus, it is essential to choose a platform bed that has a mechanically sound foundation. Ensure that a mattress you are about to take home has healthy joints that do not produce any noise even when subjected to immense pressure.


Last on our list is the amount you are willing to spend on the furniture. The market has been made to find a queen-size bed for as low as $200 and other as high as $1000. Remember, this is a piece of furniture that will stay with you for a decade or even more. Therefore, you should not limit your budget too much for a substandard product.

Below is a list of some of the best queen metal platform beds;

1. Zinus Abel Metal Platform Bed


Zinus Abel is one of the most robust queen platform beds available in the market. The ground can bear up to 500lbs without a struggle. That is possible since both the frame and slats of this bed are made from steel.
When the bed is fully assembled, it stands at 14 inches, which leaves you 13 inches of clearance space beneath it. Its slats spacing is 5.5 inches, which prevents the mattress from sagging. With nine legs to support this big platform bed, you are assured maximum stability.

2. Zinus Mia Modern Metal Platform Bed

The metal platform bed queen stands at 14 inches and has a strong metallic frame and solid wood rails. With a network of 10 sturdy wood rails parked at 3.33 inches, the metal bed provides a sag-free platform bed. Therefore, the platform bed assures your mattress a long lifespan.
The manufacturer has incorporated a center rail running from the headboard downwards to give the foundation extra support. If you have a problem with storage, the bed leaves you 12 inches of clearance space where you can keep your staff. Additionally, its legs have caps meant to protect your flooring from scratches.

3. Zinus Korey Platform Metal Bed Frame

Unlike the first two options, this bed has an upholstered headboard. The ground stands at 14 inches without the mattress. Its headboard, on the other hand, stands at 38 inches, giving it a chic look. Apart from its stylish look, the bed offers reliable support of a strong metal frame and wood slats.
If you stay in a small apartment where space is an issue, this bed is a suitable option. With slats closely arranged at 3.43 inches, your mattress is assured of a long lifespan. Also, the foundation does not require any expertise to assemble.

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4. Zinus Florence Metal Platform Bed

For glittering but straightforward looks in your bedroom, the Zinus Florence Metal platform bed is a good option for you. With a sparkling color finish and elegant design, this is one piece of asset that will uplift your bedroom's look.

The entire queen platform bed is made of steel, making it strong enough to support heavy sleepers. It stands at 12 inches, which leaves you enough clearance space at the bottom where you can keep some of your staff. Besides, the platform bed has six legs that provide maximum support for sleepers.

5. Mello Queen 9 Metal Platform Bed


Suppose you are looking for a heavy-duty low-profile bed with modern styling, this a bed for you. Due to the heavy steel construction, the metal platform bed promises to last long. Also, its corners are rounded to avoid the risk of getting hurt as a result of knocks.

Its assembling is painless and does not require any expertise. Additionally, the frame of this bed accommodates different types of mattresses with metal slats. It also has a non-slip feature, which prevents the mattress from sliding.

6. Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed

With a sturdy metal structure, the bed can happily carry a weight of up to 450lbs. To avoid the mattress from sagging, the foundation has metal slats with horizontal and vertical reinforcement. Apart from the ordinary four legs, the bed has an extra leg in the middle.

Its slats are closely arranged to avoid sagging mattresses, while the additional center rail prevents the mattress from sagging. Lastly, the metal queen platform bed has two clearance storage heights where you can store your staff.


From the collections, you can choose a platform queen bed that suits you. However, you can still find a reliable
queen size platform bed with storage outside the list above. The bottom line here is for you to find a comfortable bed that does not produce embarrassing noises during sleep.
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