Thought I would say hi!


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Hi Guys,
Thought I would just pop a line and say a big hi-de-ho to the guys who made saltwaterfishkeeping a real pleasure :)
Hope all is well - to fill you in I had to sell my setup about 6 months ago as being a student i just couldnt afford to keep it going! Anyway the good news is for those who know me, im going to Sydney Australia in July to my masters in theology degree, so not too far away from some quality diving!
Take care guys,

nm reef

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Good to hear from you...always a pleasure. Best of luck to you and stay in touch.


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I was wondering where you were as I was reading your Aiptasia write-up the other day. Good to hear all is well, good luck with everything and have fun in Australia.


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Oh man, have a great time (in between studying, of course)! It is a wonderful place. The ocean can be your aquarium...and I, for one, will be jealous (in a good way!).
Best of luck!


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It's good to see you drop in!
Good luck with the masters program and enjoy your time down under.


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Hey Tim,
How funny, yesterday I had to go through some old e-mails and found some of yours. Got me thinking to how you were doing. I was thinking that you did not have your tank anymore because you had not posted here in awhile.
Have fun with all of your cast off convicts down there. yes I am jealous.