I have a VERY sick tongue that had a white growth on it... after the iodine dip the growth is gone but left only skeleton. I put the tongue into a bowl in the tank to try and keep it safe (call it a hospital bed) and to keep my dragon goby from dumping sand on it. Anyway.. it's looking better, the tentacles are extending but I think the skeleton may be extending... so even though part of it is happy, part of it seems to still be dying off.
Do I do another iodine dip? Do I try to "frag" it and cut off the dead part, leaving 2 happy pieces? Do I leave it alone and cross my fingers?
Secondly.. do you feed your tongues? I tried last night, it grabbed onto a piece of shrimp but it didn't eat it... after about an hour my chromis stole the food. I saw a friend's tongue and it had mouths all over it, I've not seen a mouth on mine though I have to kind of assume it has one.
Any help is appreciated!


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i would leave it alone. I had a candy frag that was completely dead and it grew back slowly. The damage may have been caused by your goby dumping sand on it. It dosen't look to bad hopefully that one strip will fill in. i have been unable to feed mine