Tons Of Free Equipment!!!


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hey rock, sorry bro, i didnt see you said minimal pm's til i had sent 2 in reply to the message you sent me LOL if you need any advice or what not, hit me up with an email or add me to yahoo messenger, chovuk1982 or aim, drakoreaper, an ill gladly help ya out as much as i can
thanks man, you rock for this


i would gladly if possible get a skimmer rated for a 90g and maybe a sump/fuge shallow tank + im in norcal and i will pay shiping+labor and a little extra for the help u will give me for making it easier on me and my tank
my email is
i hope i recive an email from u sometime if its possible even just to say that u ran out
thank you verymuch even if u take the time to read this
and i thank everyone for helping get rid of the equipment out of the ladies house and make good use of it


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First off I hope I do not sound greedy here
but here are some things that I need and would be great if you could let me know if they were available
Living off the money I earn in my spare time at college to fund my passion for SWF, this would be a great break for me
Here are the things I need, if they are available could you please hold them and let me know how to work out shipping to Philadelphia
my email is or you can PM me
1. Quality canister filter for a tank 75g+ (preferably quality brands like Fluval, Eheim, etc)
2. One powerhead, dont care about GPH, but a little extra flow would be good
3. I really doubt this one, but a RO/DI unit
4. A nice big skimmer to replace what I have
5. Lighting


id like to know about the nanos, i would be willing to pay shipping... and maybe a little extra for yourself.... PM sent
I'd love one of the nanos & a skimmer for a 150 even some MH bulbs if there are any left over. Obviously I'd pay for shipping & your labor.
I lost my hubby 1 1/2 years ago ... so I can really understand where she's coming from. I could have made some $$ from selling his things, but giving them away just felt better. If you do this, I'd love to at least write her a note to thank her if you wouldn't mind mailing it on to her.


Any 72 inch lighting systems? Powerheads, base rock I have a 180 I'm trying to set up. I'll come out next weekend, I'll see if I can bring along some helpers. Just let me know so I can get off from work. Thank you for sharing this with us.


and I would be willing to pay for shipping, for anything to help me with my start of a 100 gal., show tank, and a 55 gal. QT.
The 100 gal., is almost done, but the 55 gal., is not started and was going to my LFS to see the $$$ needed for conversion. Email me if you can be of any help.
Thanks in advance,


I'd also gladly make the trip down... it's only 3 hours and I have a friend in Pitt I could stay with. Let me know if there's a specific time/day you want people there. I could use a few things and would be happy to make a donation to the lady who owns it, even if she doesn't want to be paid.
It's so great of you to do this and I was THRILLED to see it was in Pittsburgh! Every time I see something that's a great deal it's on the other side of the country somewhere


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After people do a personal pick up and if you do have anything left if you could post a list and maybe do a sort of raffle for people that want things sent, it may be the only way. Say you have 10 power heads left. Everyone that is interested can let you know, put there names in a hat and draw. Post the results and go from there. That is my idea for what it is worth.

A lot of people are hurting financially right so this is really generous of you.


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I am looking for a 40 gallon breeder, or something similar, even nanos would work. Hopefully I could get the other equipment to go along with it. Let me know. I will pick-up, just let me know when and where. Thanks.


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heck, i'll get in on this... i could use a skimmer for a 20 gallon (hob preferred) and a better skimmer for a 90 (in sump or hob, either is fine).


I sent you a PM, sorry , I just read that you do not want those, please let me know about the 125g tanks. I live in Washington, Pa


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I could use a nano skimmer.... like one for a Bio-cube... as long as it isnt full cost consider it gone if you have one!
i would LOVE a nano cube if you can ship it! and like i said I will pay extra if you ship me the 220 or a 125 I just need to know the dimmensions. Thanks!