Tons Of Free Equipment!!!


I would like a skimmer rated for a 220 and a nano tank. Im willing to pay for shipping.
pcollazo15@gmail btw ...Im a huge steeler fan :)


Thanks for being a good person. IF there are any reactors of any kind, left after all the pick ups please let me know. I will pay for shipping no problem.


Im just 2 hours north of you and would be willing to come down so add me to the list please.
also if you need any help getting things set up let me know, im currently un-employed and have a lot of free time
i'm intrested in a nano small enough to be shipped, a powerhead, and a skimmer, some seed sand for the nano, and some live rock about a third of what would be reasonable for a reef system in the cube, with shapes and stuff to make a good base please, its gonna be a b-day present for my brother he's 14 and he loves the ocean, and snorkleing, so I figured this would be a great oppertunity to get him the best gift ever, an actual chunk of the ocean and all her majesty!


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are all you guys REALLY falling for this?? man and I cant sell a 10 frag here anymore....things that make you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


I could really use some things including the 125 gallon tank. I would gladly pay for shipping.


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Would love to score some stuff as well....still new..tank only 2 mos to have a skimmer, lights/light fixture and a powerhead....will pay ship/handling....thanks
I'd be interested in one of the 125 or 220's plus the equipment to start it up. I can make the drive no problem and I have a pickup.


i would be interested in a 72" t5 fixture if available. too far to drive so i would pay you for time/shipping. also a skimmer for a 135.


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and i'll take whatever is left over. i'll rent a u-haul and relieve you of as much stuff as i can fit.


Thank you for the nice offer. I really could use a new in sump skimmer for a 300gal tank and maybe a 125 or so gal short tank. faqbch99 @ yahoo.. I would be willing to pick up.


i would love a skimmer for a 37-40 gallon tank and at least one powerhead if you still have them. Im in South FL so I would obviously cover shipping, perhaps even a bit more for your trouble. Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful thing for our SWF community!!! Do you accept paypal?


This is such a great offer. I am interested in the nanos, powerheads, 12 inch, 30 inch or 20 inch lighting of any kind, and a wet/dry, I just started so anything would be a great help. I will pay for shipping and for your trouble. If there is anything left could you post what it is too. Thanks again for this amazing offer and I'm sorry to hear about this lose.


dont mean to sound harsh but all this ill take/ i want how about find out what the regular cost is and pay half maybe help the lady pay for the funeral dont mean to sound like an a$$ but of course she wants it gone probably reminds her of him. anyway sorry just my 0.02


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Man, I wish I lived closer...I'd take advantage of some of the tanks!! Any way...I would like to get in on this if you wouldn't mind shipping. I have no problems paying it. I need a 48" t5 lighting fixture if available and possibly a canopy. Let me know if you have these available. Thanks! You can pm me if you like or email at bluemaxpride on yahoo . com.