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the only nice zoas I have to trade are my organisms but they need to grow out more
. Would you be interested in them in the future by any chance?
Here is a pic

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Def give me a hollar when youa re ready to trade some.
Dang.....I as going to offer some of mine

I knew I should have kept them all to myself!!! HA HA


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I was looking the pics over. These are old pics and I was noticing how much they have grown since these were taken. Zoas are amazing aren't they? Rich in colors and easy to keep.


I would love to trade, but you might not be interested with my beginner stuff. I'll take a pic tomorrow when my zoa's open up.


I love those grandi's i just don't think i have any zoos cool enough to pull you in just some AOG, some pretty light green, some light pink, supernova rockstars and a couple other wild colonies but i jsut wanted you to know how much i like them


So are you just looking for trades at the moment. I know you posted on other local forums in the past about selling frags. I probably should have hit you up while I still lived in P'cola, but I might make my way over there tomorrow to stop by Aquaria. If not tomorrow I'm always up for making a weekend trip.


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WOW, what could you possibly want in trade? You have most everything already... LOL
Lets see what I got..
Armor of Gods on the Left and Tubs blues in the middle. The tubs blue have a lot more polyps on the frag disk now, these pics were taken about 2 months ago.

I dont know what you call these, but they are far brighter than neon green, they almost glow.

I believe these are called Kryptonite (the 2 stand alone ones in the middle)... again there are about 8 or so more on this frag disk. The surrounding purple mouth green rims I dont know what they are called, similar to kryptonite in color but their mouths are pointy.

I also think I have some Blue Ice zoas....Not a lot on this frag yet. But its the circled one there are about 7 or 8.

I havent taken pics of all my frags stand alone yet, mainly because they arent ready for fragging but thats what I got. Not too impressive against your collection.