Are there any triggers that aren't giant A-holes? I've had a Niger Trigger in my mixed reef for about three years. He has a bad habit of getting bored and decimating my Chromis population. He steals food from my BTA. He attacks my hands when I'm working in the tank. He attacks the algae scrapper. He's just effin crazy.

I would expect this behavior from some of the other triggers, but I thought that Niger's were supposed to be more mellow. Does the aggressiveness scale for triggers start at raging homicidal and escalate from there or are there actually some mellow triggers out there? I'm thinking about taking "Nigel" back to the fish store. Makes me sad to even contemplate because he was one the first fish that I added to my tank.

mr llimpid

First most triggers are aggressive, the smaller the tank is will only add to the problem. A well fed trigger will be less aggressive. Be thankful you don't have a clown trigger. A blue throat trigger is the calmest they get.


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From my experience, your Nigel it's a typical Niger trigger. That is moderately mellow, for a trigger.


Altho O. niger is considered a "planktonic-feeding trigger" as opposed to a "reef trigger", they kind of span both never know how an individual will be.

Melichthys sp. or Xanthichthys sp. (as mentioned) are more mellow, Xanthichthys
being the least aggressive genus of triggerfish.