water PH


My corals have not been doing well lately.
Check of water chemistry - salinity, Amonia, Nitrites and nitrates, would indicate all is OK.
Thinking my test kit might be faulty (9 months old), I Brought a sample to LFS which said my ALk was down to 7.8 (vs 8.2-8.4 where it should be).
How/Why did the PH go down if all the chemisry is fine?
Base is Araginate which I thought was supposed to keep the PH around 8.2-8.4 by slowly dissolving over the years.
Obviously, a water change is not
the answer as salinity and chemistry is all OK.
Would use of one of the buffering products available "to bring your tank to 8.4" be the way to go???
I await your responses. :help:


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A water change would in fact help... it sounds like the lowered PH is due to the lowered alkalinity. Water changes will bring the alkalinity back in line and help level off the PH... or you could add a buffer to bring the alkalinity up to 9dkh or so. Make sure you test your calcium also...
We can NOT count on the aragonite to maintain alkalinity... most of the time the alkalinity is used far faster than what we will get out of the aragonite.