Water Testing Tips - What Test Kit to Use???


Hello Everyone,
I am planning to purchase a new test kit and was wondering what kits you would recommend? I have an APEX Controller and have the PH & Temp Probe, purchasing the ORP and Salinity probe shortly.

I currently use the API test kits which are pretty much junk and hard to read. NYOS seems to have a pretty sharp looking kit but not sure how people like it as I have not seen to many reviews on them.

Also when I get my ORP probe is this similar to testing alkalinity or is it completely different?

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I like Salifert test kits. I also have SeaChem test kits which are good as well, I just like Salifert better. I like to have a back up and when something is off test with both kits. I hear that Red Sea also make fine test kit.


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I Like the SeaChem as well...but the most easy kit to read is the Instant ocean. They have a plastic color tile that sits next to the test tube, to match the color, no guessing.


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I've used seachem for calcium and alkalinity and magnesium in the past. The magnesium test kit was complicated but accurate.

I have found that the API test kits for calcium and alkalinity are actually pretty accurate and prefer API for those two tests over using seachems syringes.

If you are looking for a high degree of accuracy and ease of use, Hanna checkers use photospectometers to test their samples. Hanna has been known to be pretty accurate for about two years and then they start wearing out.

Other than those at home options, there are several websites that offer sample testing that you mail in a sample and they will email or mail your results to you.