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Hey everybody, welcome to the New Clownfish Forum. We hope that you will enjoy being in here, we might shift some of the better clownfish threads over here to get things rolling, and if you all have any questions about clownfish or anemonies then let us know right here in this forum.


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My favorite fish! :D
I'd like to see the status of our very own Nemo Bang. How about it Bang, post up a new Nemo pic. He can be our mascot in this forum.
Here's mind. He is one aggressive mean devil.


I have a tomato too. For anyone thinking of grabbing one, keep in mind that they are cool, but they can be hell raisers. I have a yellow tang that is double the size of my tomato and will not push her (I am guessing it is a her by now) too far when they disagree. I heard about the nasty maroons, but I think the tomato just might be the bulldog of the clown world.


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I agree, my tomato has been banashed to solitary in my nano, I will be setting up a large aggresive tank in the future, with all small to medium sized semi-aggressive fish and I may just put this evil tomato clown in there.


I have a 29 gallon tank that I am going to put LS and LR in it ( am bare-bottom for now). Would it be ok to start off ( about 3 weeks 2 cycle) with 2 percula clowns? I will also get a clean up crew w/ a lawnmower bleeny. My set up is:
Emperor 280 bio wheel filter (w/ LR in it soon)
Rena 150w heater
301 powerhead
20w light
P.S. great forum and also what is the difference between true and false perc's? Thanx


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Great forum :jumping:
My tomato clown is a little buggar sometimes. I have one green chromis whom was my original fish in my 10 gal nano. Good thing he can swim fast. The clown is not nipping the chromis at all and even eats with him. But then, look out. Certain areas are out of limits for the chromis. Not much room to run in a 10 gal :nope:
I hate aggression in fish, so if i ever see nipping of fins I would be removing the chromis to the store. But for now all is fine.
If I ever had to do this, is there another type of clown fish I could put in the tank SAFELY with my tomato or will he be a single sole forever?


Thanks I am going to put the fish in after the cycle. So will clowns eat algae? Also are they a good fish 2 start with?