What am I getting my self into. Can anyone help.


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look on e-b-a-y for live rock its cheap...
new to the site here ..... what's the deal with "that big auction site" and e-b-a-y? my guess is since this site sells merchandise as well they take a dim view of mentioning competition. close?


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Yup, Chuck.
We have around 3-4inches of sand in our 75 gallon. ONe day a power head fell off the inside of the tank and was pointing right at the sand!! :scared: This is another good reason for a closed loop, BTW. THis moved a BUNCH of sand, nearly to the bottom of the tank. OUr tank had been up and running for around 8 months, and it didn't cause any problems that I can tell. (I do have a hair algea problem rigth now, but I think my used PC lighting needs new bulbs.)
On the other hand, I read a post where a member's daughter "stirred" the sand in their tank. THis was disasterous! I think they lost all their livestock. THe point is: critters by themselves will probably not move enough sand to cause a problem. There are critters, I'm sure folks could point to, like a 12" horshoe crab, but you may not include those in your tank. I'm rambling. . . . .
There is an option where you put some "pretty" sand in your display(like 1/2 " or so) and put your DSB(deep sand bed) in your refugium. And fuges(refugiums) are another topic altogether. (They are really good :jumping: )