What are these things???


I have a 125gl tank that's been up and running for about 7-8 months. It's a FOWLR, though there aren't any fish in it right now just some inverts.
I noticed that there are little white bugs on the glass. They are really tiny. Could they be pods? I noticed a few nights ago that there are these tiny spiral things on the glass, live rock and on my turbo snails. I read that these could be feather dusters. They have really bloomed in the past couple of days. I also noticed that there are red dots on the glass. I can't scrape it off either. Tried using my fingernail and had no luck. One other thing, I was just looking at one of my turbo snails and I noticed these antenna looking things sticking out of it's shell, There were I think 3 pairs of them sticking straight up and wiggling around.


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I do't know about the red dots on the glass that I couldn't scrape off with a nail. Do you have those softy bendy nails?


The red stuff may be the beginnings of coralline algae, especially if they are tough to get off the glass... But without seeing a picture it's hard to tell.
I'm pretty sure that you can buy scrapers that can do the trick of removing them, if they bother you.


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Originally Posted by Cranberry
I was blessed with nails of steele.... I can eliminate coralline with a single swipe of the finger.

I envy you!...for those of us not so blessed...an old credit card makes a fantastic scraper. The mag floats won't work.