What can you tell me about this puffer


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I would like to know about his adult size/sutabletankmates/suitable tank/ eating habits/any personal experiances etc.. I cant wait to hear all about himm I am in the market for one and need to make an informed decision


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Well, as far as tankmates and personal experiences go, i'm going to leave this one up to the experts. I can tell you that this is a Guineafowl puffer (Arothron meleagris)
Another form of Arothron meleagris is the golden puffer. Expect to pay a reletively high price for him. (usually between 100 and 200 depending on size) The total adult length for The guineafowl puffer is about 50cm. Include live rock in the tank for him to nibble on to keep his teeth down. Feed as you would the typical puffer. (my dogface gets chopped squid, mussels, clams, krill, crab leg (in the shell to keep teeth worn down) , pro salt Marine Supreme. Ocassionally shrimp as a treat. and (he hasn't eaten this very inthusiasticly yet, but i offer him marine algae to make up for what plant matter he doesn't get from gut content of live foods. As far as tank size goes, i really wouldn't do anything less than 100g. if you have the space and budget go larger. If you've never kept a puffer before, you will love it. My dogface so far has been one of the best experiences for me. good luck :)
Coconut pretty much has you covered, these fish are awesome. on another note, are you a female and does you bb name mean what I think it means? If it does =), if not =(, lol.


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Just saw you had 2 posts going answered you on other the fish is what everyone here thought it was. I gave you a rundown on it in other post.


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yes my name means what it says.. you take it whatever way you want but I am female :D :rolleyes: I do not knwo why but everything i write goes in 2 times.. ohh well thanks for the help
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