what do you guys think about this??


ok so i am going to build a canopy that will be hung 8" off the water, it will fit two 250 watt metal halides, the bulbs will be 10,000k, and 2 40 watt N.O actinic bulbs.
where should i mount the fans?
i am thinking 3 fans, one on one side blowing into the canopy and one on the other side sucking out, and one either on the back or top?
i will also mount a big fan blowing across the water, so i don't have to get a chiller.

what do you guys think about that??? :notsure:
also the tank is 65 gallons.


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I HAVE A 65 GALLON WITH 2 X 250 MH. They are about 8 inches off of the water,a and I never have any temp issues. I run a small clip on fan in the canopy, and never have any problems. I hope this helps


I have 65 gallon with 2 175 14k mh and 2 65 watt 10k Power compacts in a canopy about 8 inches from the water. I have 4 fans mounted in the back 2 out and 2 in. My temp stays between 78 and 81. My house has AC and I also have a sump. Both will make a difference in temp.


if you want to evacuate heat then the direct route is to blow in on one end and out at the other end no turns or corners to slow the motion down but remember that evaporation takes place the same way


you should remember that when you blow out the back on to a wall you may cause it to become damp and damage your walls finish from moisture
you don't move fish tanks as often as furniture if ever :thinking: