What kind of clams can I keep under T-5s?

coral keeper

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What kind of clams can I keep under a 40(one 20 W 10,000°K and one 20 W 460 nm actinic) watt Nova Extreme T-5 Fixture in a 10 gallon tank?


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well most clams will get fairly large from what i've read. i don't know much about there lighting needs, all i know is i can't afford the lighting haha. i'm not sure how fast they usually grow. a 10 gallon would work i think with good water quality but i would get a small species or buy a young clam so you can have it in there for as long as possible without having to move it to a bigger tank. but i'm sure a clam expert can help more


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If i were you, i wouldn't try a clam in the setup you mentioned. The species that can survive under the mentioned light levels get very large. the logical thing would be to buy a baby squamosa or derasea(sp?) however, baby clams don't have enough surface area to get the energy they need from light, and need to be fed often. And they will outgrow the tank. If you had MH or even individually reflected T5's then you could have gotten a crocera(sp?) which would stay nice and small.


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IMO most would get too large for a 10gal, and it might be harder to keep your parameters stable. T5ho would work, but not standard output.