What kind of coral should I get in my aquarium?


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I have a fluval sea evo aquarium that I have had for around 9 months. I currently only have one clownfish and hermit crab living in it. The other supplies I have with it are the lights that the aquarium came with, the hydor koralia circulation and wave pump with a flow rate of 240gph, and a protein skimmer. I do not plan on upgrading the lighting anytime soon, like many people suggest. The clownfish is fed once a day omega one pellets and I also feed frozen brine shrimp every two weeks. I was wondering with a setup like mine, what corals would thrive? I’ve been wanting to get coral ever since I set up this aquarium it is just really hard to choose, ecspecially when your a beginner and the choices are endless!


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240gph isn't anywhere near enough flow for coral even in a tank that small I would still have something in the 500-600gph range. I would also highly recommend switching to frozen reef frenzy as a food source. Great for fish, inverts and even corals. I do a small feeding of the stuff twice a day (about a 1/8-1/4 inch cube) and my hammer and frogspawn definitely have shown an improvement in how they respond. Soft leathers are considered good for beginners, I would also say that a properly positioned and fed frogspawn will grow like a weed. Hammer Corals are pretty but seem to be a little more finicky.