What kind of designer clowns do I have?


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I am new to this. They are about 7 months old. I got them about a month ago and they were much more orange. They have darkened up quite a bit. Would you call these black ice? Blacker ice? Juvenile phantoms? Iced mocha? Or is it still too early to tell? I assume they will just keep getting darker? They also have a blue halo, but hard to see in the photo. Thanks!
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At this point we could probably call them mutant ninja turtles and I don't think the clownfish would mind.

A darker variant of the snowflake variety for sure. Somewhere I the neighborhood of black or black ice would be my guess.


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Every breeder has their own catchy names. Probably no way to know if they didn't tell you at the time. Pretty fish though and that's all that really matters.