What Tang to add first?


I have a 120 gal reef and only have a pair of true perks and a bangaii cardinal. I want to add my mom's blue tang that has outgrown her tank and has been in a ick free environment for years. I also want to add a yellow tang.
Question: What do I add first due to tang agression and ick?
I was told the blue first then yellow tang because yellow's are more agressive is this true?
Thanks in advance,
Alison :help:


I've heard that yellows are more aggressive, but which is bigger? I'd probably add the smaller tang first if there is a noticable difference in size.


i would definitely add the blue tang first. it's not as aggressive and is more prone to sickness so it should have time to the tank without another tang to adjust. the other thing if you want to is you can add both tangs at the same time which will also help with aggression but it would be better for the blue tang to add it first.


Thanks for the replies guys!
Ya I think I'll get the blue first and give him a few weeks by himself to adjust. He is totally non agressive and should be fine. He is in with a yellow tang in my mom's tank so he should be fine towards a yellow tang. I have a lot of rock for him to hide in and caves. The lonely clowns and cardinal and damsel will now have a friend! Plus the blue guy will get much more room in my tank as my mom's tank is only a 60 gal.
Thanks again,