What to do with this monster now that I have it ....


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Hey.. I was just wondering what everone picks would be oe the * cannot live without it* fish.. I am about to set up a 250 gallon that will have a 250lbslive sand substrate 500 lbs of live rock and soem soft corals ( no triggers/puffers) and I would like to know what everyone suggest to put in it.. ( that is alot of tank to fill) I can't wait to spend hours pouring over fish pics and making my decisions.. ( I know I have a while and I have to take it slow but I am excited allready) Ohh yea.. I also have a 50 gallon wet/dry for it what powerheads do you all suggest??any suggestions on how to go about taming this monster would be greatly appriciated... (does anyone on this board have a tank this large set up?? I would love to see pic)
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WOW! Thats HUGE. I strongly suggest a good cleaning crew first. Hermits, crabs, snail, starfish for sand shifting, ect. Good luck with the large set up.


Engineer gobies are my favorite that i have. I would get a nice school of green chromis.