what would happen???


What would happen i i put a fish in a tanc that hasnt cycled yet?I just added salt and some sand a coulple days ago.I just wanted to know if it would die.If theres a chance i would survive then i was gonna get a damsel to try it out.
Why would you want to take such a risk with a living thing? They may only be fish, but they are living breathing things. Your care for them should not be taken lightly. That's like saying, "I'm going to have a baby. Now I know that drugs and drnking is bad for pregnant women, but if there's a chance the baby will be OK then I'll drink and do drugs anyway...."
Just cycle the water with a piece of raw shrimp. Same effect, and more responsible...


imagine being forced to swim in a septic tank for about a month solid. cant get out. the food which is thrown ur way, u have to swim for and eat out of the media u are swimming in. you might not die of a bacterial infection either......
this hobby requires LOTS of patience. start with the patience necessary to cycle a tank.


I would have only done it if there was a very good chance on the fish living.And without going through hell.im not gonna try it,and thx for the info.