What's your favorite book?


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What, no other old sci-fi fans out there? I'm a huge fan of about half of the stuff Robert A Heinlein wrote (stranger in a strange land, Friday, time enough for love) but I really could do without some of it (starship troopers, the number of the beast) It's kind of like 2 different people wrote them... mind you, his writing career spanned something like 50 or 60 years or something, pretty impressive!


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I cant say as I have a favorite book, or favorite author. generally for me to pick up and read a book it has to have 500+ pages. anything shorter and its done in one evening and I feel like the author could have done far more with the story. there are definatly very good authors writing the short stries I just always feel let down due to the truncated lenght of the story.
right now I am reading John Gunther's Inside South America. (from 1967) first edition hardcover.
as well as Tom Clancy's Debt of honor, and John Marco's The Eyes of God.
the next book in line is Churchill's "The Grand Alliance" also a first edition hard cover.


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I love Christian books!
My collection of Christian books is growing and growing!

Yes I do read other books besides Christian ones if that's what you're thinkin'.
I'd rather read Christian ones though.
I got two more books yesterday...
"The Faiths of our Fathers" (Founding Fathers that is)
"The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates"....The book store didn't have the Federalist one of that book...so I'm ordering that one.
Ok, just wondering.
Anyway, one author that I enjoy reading is Bill Bryson. If you haven't read any of his books yet (In a Sunburned Country, A Walk in the Woods) I strongly recommend them, especially if you enjoy travel books (although it's not a requirement).

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Here are mine.........
Dark Tower Series
......by far the greatest books I have ever read (there are even references to Harry Potter in one of the later books).
Enders Game

State of Fear
.......or anything else by Crichton.