Which is the best?


EcoTech Marine has an entry level VorTech (MP20), which should be available soon.
Check it out. Reefcast has a nice podcast interview with the developers.


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Keeping cost in mind, the best is Koralia.
As far as best (disregarding cost), EcoTech's VorTech, hands down.


Maxi-jet 900 and 1200.
Tunze, best for $?????? $100 $300 a power head. You can buy 5 or so mj 1200 for one tunze. They maybe the best perf but not best value.


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Maxijets are cheap, highly reliable, non-bulky. Best all round buy, imo.


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Originally Posted by Veni Vidi Vici
Depending on your needs ,i would put modded Maxi Jet.Who else makes a powerhead that puts out 2100 gph for under $30
I agree, I run two on my tank and I've been very pleased.


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I been running 4 1200 Maxi jets on a Tsunami wave maker for 6yrs with no problems and just resently put mods on them ..Very reliable and inexspensive and very please with results


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I have 3 modded MJ's, 2 900's(Sureflow kit) and a 1200(original DIY style), one was a little noisey, replaced the impeller shaft with a carbon fiber one, noise was gone, the other two work great and are basically silent, my vote is for Maxi-Jets(ultra reliable and a little more durable than the Koralia's, IMO).
I have a Vortech too, that thing is the best, I plan on replacing the MJ's with two more when I can afford them. Good luck in choosing which ones to go with if that was the reason for the post.