Which salt?


I dislike instant ocean, and have not used the others. But around here the general consensus is tropic marin pro is top dog but pricey.
I have used a few different and tried oceanic and have not used anything else since. Disolves fast and clear. and lots of calcium. No one sells Tropic marin around here so i have not had a chance to use it, i would try it if i could find some.
Reef crystals is made by IO so im not messing with it.


I've always used Reef Crystals for my reef tank and have had no reason to change. All my corals are doing great. For my FOWLR I use Instant Ocean.


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I use reef crystals. cant complain.
I would use tropic marine pro if it wasnt $75 a tub (250gal mix)local.


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Well the reason I ask is because I only have a 14 gallon nano. So I can buy the smaller bag or box and not break the bank and it will last a few months. I am leaning towards the tropic marin though. Anyone have experience with this salt??


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I've used all mentioned salts above....Seachem didn't like how it mixed....Actually I used it for about 6 months and the salt was either a bad or old batch, but wasn't happy at all....IO I used way back in the 80's but didn't think it was bad....ReefCrystals my current salt which I always go back to.....I've tried Coralife and was totally displeased with readings after good mixing.......Tropic Marin Pro was good, but for the price not really impressed with it that much. I still revert back to --.


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Reef Crystals, and satisfied. Still have some IO and mix it in occassionally, but -- mixes up better.

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Originally Posted by Guyerson
+1 for Oceanic - I've been using it for 8 months and have been pleased with the results.
I do as well. Love it. made the switch from Instant Ocean. Couldnt be happier. Mixes easier. Not as cloudy from the start. Crystal clear afterwards