White spots on clownfish ??


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I bought two clown fish and one recently died. The other seems fine. I noticed this on fish and curious what it is, if it's normal, and what to do.

Please see picture for white spots.

Like I said just bought two clownfish. Added them to my tank, both were good for a day. Then one was breathing heavy then swimming upside, then eventually died. The other seems to be doing fine and is eating,actively swimming at the top of tank and bottom.

I have 5 blue chromis, watchmen goby, fire shrimp. All seem to be doing fine.



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That is ich. All your fish have now been exposed. You need to treat all the fish. Copper is probably the easiest but it has to be done in a separate tank.
The harder part is you need to keep those fish out of your tank for 72 days to allow the parasite to die off in the tank.
If you don't clear the fish and tank of the ich any fish that survive this time can potentially get it again especially if there is a stressor.
This is why a quarantine period is recommended.


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New people really need to do more research before getting into this sport. qt all new fish. always. this is why people get frustrated and quit the hobby . a 10 gallons qt is cheap and always works .
Sorry about the ich but in the end adding fish your luck will go bad sooner or later. now look in the disease forum and read how to try and deal with it.