who has a fowlers tang?


One of the lfs i go to has an awesome fowlers tang and would love to get him but someone told me they are hard to keep alive. Is this correct ? I would like to confirm this before spending $250 on a tang. I would appreciate any input from those familiar with this tang.


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$250 is actually a pretty good price, but the price has been dropping on them recently a bit I have noticed, and becoming slightly more available, still the most expensive Acanthurus Tang out there though. The place I order from has 2 in stock currently the smaller is $289. My understanding on them is "moderate" hardiness Pete. Better reputation than Achilles, but not as hardy as the average Yellow or Sailfin.....I buy all my fish online, but this is one I would rather see in person before buying, just to make sure he is eating, alert, and acting "normal". Beautiful fish.


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Both are quasi-correct. It's Fowler's surgeonfish -- Acanthurus fowleri
Dr. L.F. de Beaufort named it after Henry Weed Fowler.


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yea thanks aqua,
didnt want to say i have one then look like a dumb a**
i have a 6 inch fowleri with an 8 inch achilles and a 5 inch purple.
going to add a unicorn in a couple weeks.
my fowleri is very hardy as long as you know how to keep a tank i would get him.funny he is the only fish i have that craps everytime i walk up to the tank.must get excited and cant controll it.it funny to me.
warning to you though they play dead very well.
i mean in the acclimation bucket he will lay on his side and i will bet you will think he is dead.so when it happens dont freak out.