Who has experience with the Green Spotted Puffer in a marine setup


FYI if you all can't decide on a puffer you'd like. Do not overlook the Green Spotted Puffer, you can pick these up for little to nothing at Walmart, and "save" them from their inhumane habitats.
I've had mine since last summer in a full marine aquarium, and he is thriving. I'm finally starting to see signs of growth.
Has anyone else had one of these guys in their marine set up?


I have one in mine and he is just awesome! I have a reef setup with multiple damsels, two columbian sharks and a small male bamboo shark. i have no compatibility issues and everyone is thriving. I got my GSP when he was about and inch long and has probably double in the past 3 or so months since I got him. I feed mine mysis shrimp and flakes and he eats till he looks like he's going to pop. He is a cool little fish and you can tell he is happy as can be as his head is the brightest, most beautiful green. None of my fish mess with him and vise versa. I love the GSP because they have that puffer look and personality yet will stay small and non-aggressive.


sounds like mine, he eats and eats and eats, then he gets really full and lays in a little cave at the bottom of the tank, hes really not aggressive at all, he just loves to eat. i had a problem when i had a trigger in teh tank bigger than him, but i got rid of the trigger. because if something is more aggressive than the puffer, i don't want it
i'm hoping that it grows really big, i've never seen one before that was large


Are they safe with other fish, like clowns? Can they be mixed wtih the CUC?
Just wondering, I aways thought of them as freshwater fish


I can only speak for mine. In my aquarium, there is no problem whatsoever with teh GSP. He does not harm any other fish, I do have a 72 gallon aquarium also, so he has the space to swim


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My boyfriend and I just bought a 90 Gallon tank and have it set up as a higher salinity brackish tank lower end of a full marine. We've had our 3 puffers for less than a month in a 20 Gallon. We knew we had to get them a larger tank as they were swimming UP AND DOWN the side of the thermometer. In the new tank they're happily buzzing around the live rocks, fake plants, and playing what looks like ring around the rosy on the bubbler. Right now we're just trying to figure out what other fish would make good tank mates for our babies. We have 2 GSPs- one slightly larger than the other and 1 figure eight puffer.


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Now don't get me wrong these guys are the greatest fish you can have. But for me the Tetraodon nigroviridis was such a huge pain till i got him in full marine. (Still need to upgrade)
But what I ended up doing was CONSTANT research on these fish while I had them in freshwater then I finally came to the conclusion that He would live over 4 times longer in Brackish to Marine.
But when I converted him, he was only 1 1/2 inches and is almost 2 inches right now living with a Figure Eight puffer!(YES IN MARINE!!!)
But if you ask me, these fish are well worth the weeks spent to keep them for 15+ years!


I’m new to this site and don’t know how it works well. Hopefully the right person reads this and helps me out with my new GSP fish. I have a cichlids tank I’ve had for a long while and they are good even have couple of turtles in the tank and they are all good. Now I seen these GSP fish at the pet store and I couldn’t resist and both one. It’s so small the size of a pinky nail. Now like I’ve said I have fish even successfully raising a peacock fry but these GSP I can’t get to eat anything. I’ve tried some krill base flakes blood worms and still nothing. It’s been about 3 days and getting worried. By the way the GSP is a a separate tank 10 gallon ( for now) with the works drift wood plants caves all it needs ( according to what I have read) need some help cause I can’t find nothing on GSP this small. Can someone point me in the right direction please I really love this fish.