why buy frags buy my tank

I dont even know if you can put a price on this tank. Amazing. Looks like painting or more less a dream. Sorry to hear your getting out. But if you get bored you can always come over and make my tank look like that. LOL. GL with the sale


Try saleing to a docs or some compeny thay pay big bucs for stuff and it a tax brake for them


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well my tank is in the process of being broken down i have more than 1/2 the corals sold already so it should possibly be empty in the next week or 2 by the time everything is gone...
kinda sad but it will be nice to not have a tank to worry about for a while i mean its been 5 years of maintenance lol


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oh my. im gonna miss lookin at pics of ur tanmk murph.
But if thats what u want Congrats. hope everything went to a good reefer whoos gonna take care of everything.
Since u dont want a BIG tank go NaNo....


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Wow, just saw this thread. So sad.... I hope you get something else setup that you're happy with.