? Wii on Sony big screen


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ANd it creates a better quality picture? I thought p (progressive) and i (interlaced) were just two different ways of getting the same picture. Like HD DVD's and Blue Ray DVD's, different technologies but they got to the same goal. P and I do the same, just how the picture is 'painted' on the screen.
I agree JErry, I think it is I, but i didn't realize it was better quality. I just thought it was a different type of cable since TV's are doing away with the yellow cables (Wii trying to stay relevant).


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yea, its 480i, you might try to adjust the brightness and sharpness...some tvs have diffrent settings on each input!!!


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Do you have any hidef cable/satellite...if so how is the picture? Also you cant do 480p with composite cables..red/white and yellow....maybe they have an uprade with a component cable? The component cable will only output 480I but the colorstream connection will give you a much better picture!!

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Perhaps I'll give that a go as well... What is the regular picture quality using the yellow cable (don't know what it is called). Is that 480i?
Basic yellow/red/white are composite cables. Green/blue/red/red/white are component cables. They will only go up to 480p, which equatlent to 720i. Composites/s-video only go up to 480i.


I have my Wii hooked up with component cables and it looks waaaay much better than composite. Too bad there's no HDMI


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ok.... i fooled around with my tv settings and OMG what a difference.
and zelda is great!! just tough with remembering what all the buttons do for the sword