Wild Thinstripe Hermit


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Long story short, we accidentally brought home a pretty large hermit crab from a beach trip. It was out of the water for roughly 2 days before I found it. I didn't want to just let it die, so I set up a 10 gallon tank
with live sand, live rock, and instant ocean salt. The SG was 1.02 at last check. A couple weeks later, Spunky the Thinstripe seems fine, eating well, exploring the shells scattered around... My concern is with the rock, it seems to have less "stuff" on it. Could it be an oxygen issue, or is the crab eating it?? I did go with a cheaper filter, but it does have a strong enough flow to keep a dip in the sand. Could this also be a problem? I'm sorry if these are silly questions, but I kind of jumped into this. I figured a good effort was better than a shrively death, so I didn't have any time to establish the tank before they were added. Also, I'm currently using an extra 60watt zoomed uva/b daylight bulb I had on hand for my reptiles; it's supposed to be as close to natural sunlight as I can get, but is it helpful to an aquarium or do I need some kind of led? I know it's a small tank, but I would eventually like to put 1 or 2 small fish in it to kind of socialize it, for lack of a better word and just have a start for when I can have a larger reef tank. What do you guys/gals think?