will triggers eat sponges ?


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Considering they pick up and move around rocks, I would say there is a darn good chance a trigger will rip it to shreds. Or it may do nothing.


I moved them out to the 120 RT and I guess there was some air in the bag after i submerged it in the tank and didint tie it properly so i think they got some air and the are not looking too good now..its hard to transfer tree sponges from tank to tank.. i wouldve been better off takin my chances leaving them with the triggers especially since my blue throat doesnt touch the tree sponge in the 120 for months now and a niger and picasso trigger are not the most aggressive triggers.


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Suprise surprise...your tree sponge has died too...gee who would have guessed? Not anyone here at SWR.com for sure

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..ill ask people i know that have been in the hobby for 40 or 50 years and see what they say.. or look in some books i have.
this is a good one, this is a bit passive aggressive behavior, may have that looked at.
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OK i guess that means no1 cares to answer that fine ill ask the worker at the LFS
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again trial and error i enjoy being ignored as i get to try new things ill post the results after to help other ppl in the future so they don't make any mistakes i did. y^
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this thread should be read by everyone who is new to the hobby.
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i dont expect any answers nor would i listen since i belive you ppl enjoy bashing me and giving me wrong advice...so like i said trial and error the modo..will psot results for other newbies to read.

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no one has a gun to your little head..if you don't want to respond do not i am a member here and will voice my opinion...no1 asked for you to rate my posts ..if you have an answer of the original question it will be considered nd then coming from you probablu disgarded..please get out of my threads if you do not have an answer to the simple question maybe you should do some research.
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to answer anyone who care the triggers when small will definately not touch the sponges...unless startving..keep them well fed and they are ok...


I have a Picasso in a tank with a couple of puffers and a damsel, and he is very aggressive, and he will bite...may not eat, but will bite anything in my tank. I would not put a sponge in with a picasso. I have a Niger in a different tank...it's got some cowfish and a few others. I have polyps and an anomone in this tank, and he does not bother any of them, but gets a tad aggessive when he is eating. I think the Niger would be a better choice if you are going to try it.


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original post do triggers eat tree sponges ? does anyone know or should I google it and do some research ? lol can i get an answer ? and if you all feel yo uwill give me wrong info you will all be responsible for a tree sponge dying from a trigger eating them..so if anyone can simply answer the question that would be great without advising me to do research and without a whole story can anyone just say yes or no ? are triggers known to eat tree sponges its not that difficult....
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